We want you to feel comfortable in our house and your stay to be as pleasant as possible.


Therefore we ask ALL OUR GUESTS for mutual consideration.


We always strive to improve the operation of the Hotel & Restaurant ROSENHEIM

aligned to current environmental standards as far as possible.

Please make sure to air your room intermittently, especially during the heating period.

We also ask you to regulate the radiators moderately.

When leaving the room, turn off all lights and the television.


NIGHT REST is from 10 p.m. – 6 a.m.,

that means subdued room volume in all rooms and corridors.

If you need additional towels,

the price for the towel package (sauna towel + bathrobe) is €8.00


The SAUNA cannot be BOOKED at the moment


(Please register at the reception about 2 hours in advance)


Monday – Friday: 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm


€10.00 per person/per use

on request sauna towel + bathrobe €8.00


Free WiFi is available to our guests (Rosenheim)


PASSWORD: —HRH242233!!

Of course, dealing with illegal content is prohibited.

W-Lan is not part of the booking. Availability cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that there may be restrictions due to congestion and insufficient bandwidth in Schwentinental.


Please note that there are ONLY non-smoking rooms in our house

give. Failure to comply with the smoking ban in our premises (rooms, corridors, guest rooms, etc.)

we will charge you a special cleaning fee of €50.00 per violation.


We kindly ask you to leave your key cards in the room when you check out

to be handed in at the reception.


Please treat our facility with care. For damage caused by our guests to the building and inventory, they are liable within the framework of the statutory provisions.

The same applies to the liability for damages with regard to other measures

(fire brigade, police, rescue service operations), for actual or

Alleged averting of dangers for guests, staff and the building, insofar as this is due to the negligent or intentional behavior of guests.


In the interest of all our guests, we must report theft, intentional damage to property and endangerment immediately.





Schwentinental, January 1st, 2021